About Pt Happy Track Tour

Hello world! Welcome to our website and take your time to get to know us.

Happy track tour is a travel agency for travel and transportation, and also runs a room
lodging business for backpackers. We live in Bukit Lawang, a small place which is close to a forest called Mount Leuser National Park. Which in the mount Leuser National Park forest area there are a number of rare animals and plants in the world such as orangutans, Sumatran rhinos, Sumatran tigers etc and rare plants such as rafflesia flowers and Titan arum flowers etc.

We have a complete and experienced team in their respective fields, responsible and very friendly with guests to provide the information they need.

Our company also aims to be able to help local residents' income by teaching them knowledge about tourism, forests and others so they can work and also broaden their horizons and increase income for their families. We take responsibility and promise our guests that they will not regret or lose if they book with us.
We are looking forward to the progress of having more and more guests booking with our company.
Don't hesitate or hesitate to ask anything you need about the information you need, we are ready to help with your trip which is full of beautiful and unforgettable memories while in Sumatra.

Thank you for visiting our website page, we hope we can help and provide solutions for your travel plans.