3 Days Trek In Bukit Lawang

3 Days Trek in Bukit Lawang

Itinerary :

Day One

To begin the trek, it is advisable to depart at around 8-9 a.m. after having breakfast. The trek is expected to last for about 6-7 hours during which you will have the opportunity to explore the jungle, search for orangutans and other animals, and discover different plants while learning about their uses. At around noon, there will be a lunch break before continuing to the campsite. Once you arrive at the campsite, you can take a rest, enjoy a hot drink, and take a refreshing shower in the small stream. Finally, dinner will be prepared for you to enjoy.

Day Two

After having breakfast, you should get ready for the trek. Walk around for 5-6 hours while searching for signs of wildlife. Discover the different types of "jungle food" and learn about their uses. Have lunch in the jungle before continuing the trek to the next campsite, which is located near the river bank. At the campsite, you can relax and take a swim in the clean jungle river. Later, prepare dinner.

Day Three

The next morning, take some time to relax at the campsite before heading back to Bukit Lawang. You have the option to either walk or tube raft down the river.

Price per person:  150 Euro/person.

The minimum group size should be two to four people.
The maximum group size should be five to eight people.

Price includes :

Fully licensed English-speaking guide.
Permits to enter the national park PHPA office ( ranger station ) camera tax 150,000, IDR
Permits from the Bukit Lawang Guide Association.
Foods and fruits, drinking water during jungle trekking.
Tent, sleeping mat, blanket/shed, mosquito net.

Please remember to bring the following items for your jungle excursion:

  • Good walking boots or sports shoes
  • Long trousers or shorts for walking in the jungle
  • Extra clean and dry clothes to change into after walking
  • Towel, shorts, and swimming suit for swimming in the river
  • Insect repellent and any necessary medications.

If you need more further information please you can contact us.
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